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Digital Loyalty Card

Located in customer mobile phone, the digital loyalty card allows instant access to membership account, coupons, sales and discount offers…etc. Each card will include a unique barcode that is readable from POS.

Retailer Loyalty Portal

Online portal allows retailers to manage mobile loyalty subscribers and quickly create targeted offers and campaigns to launch based on the specified schedule.

Mobile Loyalty Analytics

Analytics reports provide information about consumers' buying and using behaviors within the mobile loyalty application, allowing the retailer to optimize their promotions and increase the rate of retention.

On-Line or In-Store Opt-in & Opt-out

Convenient and easy membership initiation with multiple sign-up methods. Mobile Client Mobile Client that supports varied platforms to manage and track the loyalty account, coupons, offers etc.

Architecture & Components

Built on Microsoft .Net Framework, the platform exposes Web and Mobile GUI, APIs and web services. Mozync© comprises a set of integrated components, each with a formal interface layer. And each Mozync© component is implemented as a subsystem. The subsystems can be thought of as being arranged hierarchically. This platform provides a pre-integrated, componentized solutions designed to enable enterprises to rapidly rollout mobile self service capabilities to their customers from either an in-house or hosted deployment environment.

The Mozync©  architecture separates various functional roles into the discrete layers in order to achieve a loose coupling that helps in realizing benefits, adhering to the layered software architecture to achieve functionality within the proper layer, not in code embedded within applications, improving performance, support, flexibility.

Mozync© seamlessly extends the existing Retailer’s Loyalty Management System, Benefit Management System, and the Business Intelligence System  of the retailer to the end customers in a way that will benefit both.

The following picture depicts the deployment architecture of Mozync©.


Mozync© will be deployed, initially, on three clusters of inexpensive Intel-based computers running Windows Server, with firewalls and load balancing. 

Loyalty & Benefit Management Portal

Mozync© includes a portal that can support an unlimited number of retailer stores, each with unique look & feel, content, access methods (e.g. Web, Mobile, POS ), catalog and promotional campaigns. 

Device Management

Built-in device recognition and content rendering delivers an intuitive, device-optimized user experience irrespective of the mobile device. The solution will provide the functionality to automatically convert the generic data and content to a format that is compatible to the mobile device of the customer. Key aspects like size, ratio, resolution etc., are taken into consideration. In addition, the solution is envisioned to support new devices as they are introduced in the market with configuration customization and minimal development effort.

Content Management

Mozync© features a complete content management system (CMS) that indexes, stores, manages and distributes mobile binary content including images, music, video, digital cards, themes, bar codes, mobile applications, and other digital content. Along with digital content, physical merchandise can also be indexed and distributed within the CMS. Mozync© portal and client management component are seamlessly integrated with the CMS for web and mobile content categorization, management, and distribution.

Content is efficiently categorized and managed by enabling seamless delivery to different phone models. Along with the indexing capabilities mentioned above, the CMS also offers meta tags for specific retailer brands. Full digital rights management (DRM) is also supported. The CMS can also index and manage physical merchandise of the retailer products, thus enabling integration with their existing Loyalty System. When content is requested, the CMS automatically recognizes the handset first in order to deliver content optimized for that particular handset model.

Bar Code Generation

The proposed Barcode Generation Component generates 2D Aztec Barcodes. The Aztec code is defined in the ISO standard 24778. Aztec codes are square, with a square bulls-eye pattern in the center as depicted below:

The storage capacity of Aztec enables to encode 900 alphanumeric characters in a 83x83 cells code. Matrix codes, like Aztec, fit more easily on the screens of mobile phones than linear codes, simply because most screens are square than linear. The finding pattern in the center makes it also easier to read because the center of the screen is less likely to be affected by a lens than the edge of the code.

Mozync© includes a barcode generator which will be a collection of components that generate Aztec barcode symbols with fonts and graphics. The Font Encoder for Windows provided as a component which is an easy-to-use product that easily generates Aztec symbols from TrueType, PostScript or Open Type fonts. The resulting symbols may be easily transformed to text or graphics application and then can be sent via the messaging platform.

Mobile Client

The solution shall include a mobile client in various mobile platforms such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Blackberry and Android. The Mobile Client will enable the customer to store, manage and use their digital loyalty cards, coupons, offers, reward cards, merchandise cards and their loyalty account end-to-end.
Though the mobile client will support Default Delivery Context, it is not intended that this will result in a diminished experience on more capable devices. Mobile Vendor / Model specific applications will be developed to target the Default Delivery Context and, where appropriate, to leverage device capabilities to provide a better user experience on more capable devices.

The Mobile Clients can be deployed either from the Web or can be pushed though OTA Transaction. For iPhone, the client application shall be made available in the App Store.

Location Platform

Mozync© integrates the power of real-time customer context and location sensitivity to offer more appropriate promotions leveraging the location based services.

Messaging Platform

Mozync© offers the solution that is the best-in-class and extensively tested messaging platform that supports various forms of communication across the mobile environment. The Mozync© Messaging Platform is a complete solution that facilitates interaction with your customers on any carrier network and on any device through various modes like SMS, MMS, Email, Bluetooth, Web etc. The Platform incorporates APIs for SMPP, MM7, SMTP, SSL, OTA, SOAP/XML and HTTP communications.

The messaging platform enables connectivity with the robust and proven technology that is capable of handling the demands of high message traffic. It also offers a full short code and keyword management, and the versatility to control message routing across the customer, retailer and Mozync©.


Mozync© incorporates a variety of storage facilities, including content, transactional data, OLAP, the full-text indices of the catalogue, and all logging & activity data.  Data stores are created to support most Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and non-relational data sources such as object databases, flat files and XML data. By default, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 will be used for OLAP processing and meta-model storage.
Mozync© offers real time reporting capabilities that provide retailers with data and metrics that are key to analyzing their marketing strategy. It offers rich analysis capabilities including personalized dashboards, correlation of events, canned reports, and ability to export data for further analysis.